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Trojan Solar

Solar Arrays—A Cost‑Effective and Renewable Energy Source

Trojan Solar, based out of Texas, is a company that aims to reduce or eliminate electric bills for homeowners and entrepreneurs. To ensure we address the concerns of clients across the southern part of the US, we work with partners in 13 other states.

Why Choose Us


Trojan Solar has been in business since 2017 and will be around for years to come to support our clients and future generations on going solar. We have been working with contractors to resolve the typical pitfalls, and we want to make sure that we and our experienced consultants are always available for you and your family.

Trojan Solar
Trojan Solar


With our exclusive app available for download, you can always message us! Through the app, you can also monitor your solar system, have direct points of contact for your system, and even become a solar advocate and get paid when you send referrals. Learn more on how to become a solar advocate today!

How We Install Your Solar Array


We offer a free consultation over the phone where we discuss your current energy usage and electric bill. The call usually takes 30 minutes, and afterward, we can set you up with a perfectly sized solar array.

Site Survey

We will then schedule a time when our design team can visit. They will get your roof measurements and gather the requirements needed to obtain a permit.

System Design

When we have completed designing your system, we will submit everything to your local permitting office and await their approval. It typically takes one to four weeks. After we receive the permit, we can schedule your solar array’s installation.

Efficient Installation

It usually takes less than a day for us to mount your new solar array to your property. After the system is installed, we will schedule an inspection and set up a bi-directional meter from your utility company. In most cases, the process can take one to two weeks.

Trojan Solar

Enjoy Savings and Solar Energy

We will make sure your system is turned on and begins to produce electricity for you. Look forward to having lower energy bills and tell your friends about us!

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