Information About Solar-Powered Systems And Installations

Our company receives many inquiries about our products. We have compiled most of these questions and answers below for your convenience.

Trojan Solar has a wide variety of services to give your home’s energy efficiency a much-needed upgrade. Before offering solar-powered recommendations for your home, we will audit your home’s energy usage. Then we can accurately determine the products that will decrease or eliminate your energy bill.

These work by absorbing sunlight which generates direct current (DC) energy and then converts it into alternating current (AC) energy. The usable AC energy runs from an inverter to your home’s breaker box and is then distributed accordingly. Now you have electricity powering your home and flowing through appliances such as water heaters and HVAC systems. Unused solar power can be sent to your utility company for credit.

For the average home owner the installation process is typically completed in one day. The process to get to installation will typically look like this: Free energy consultation, signed contracts, site survey to get precise measurements and photos needed, design, permitting for utility company and local AHJ, construction, inspections, permission to operate. At this point we can get the system turned on and you can start saving money!

At Trojan Solar, we offer a variety of financing options for homeowners that offer no money down options. During our in-house visit, our advisor will help you find the financing options that work for you.

Advisors are trained to use every resource available to get you the best rate available for you and your home. Options can very from client to client and many times offer a limited time promotion. Our services include solar panel installation, spray foam insulation and roofing services. We can offer financing options for practically any job. Loanpal ™ , Sunlight Financial ™ , Sungage ™ and many others. Loanpal™ is the nations leader in solar financing and Sunlight Financial™ is right behind them. With their support and our relationships with them we are able to offer some truly amazing rates and products that are not available to every company.

While there are many different panel types available we suggest only the strongest and most durable in the industry. Our product offerings come with 25-30 year warranties and have a life expectancy of 35-40 years!

This is a great question and highly particular to how your solar system is designed and local net metering programs available. Your Solar Advisor will go over your exact savings with you during the consultation. In most cases we are able to produce 100% of your electricity needs for your home eliminating the need to purchase electricity through the utility company. The average savings we see for our clients is over $50,000.00 over the duration of payment terms.

Yes. Grid-tie solar systems are connected to a public utility grid which acts as a place to store energy from your solar panels. A grid-tie system ensures that you don’t need to buy batteries and is a cost-effective choice, if you can use the power lines. Otherwise, you need an off-grid solar-powered system, which uses batteries to store energy to be used later on.

Yes, the value of having a home that produces electricity will definitely increase its value without increasing your property taxes. A home with electricity is valued higher than a home without electricity, right? Well a home without an electric bill is valued higher than a home with an electric bill. Added value of a solar system will depend on the quality of the solar system itself. Using a top quality panel and inverter system is a must to maintain performance of your solar system.
Backed by studies from Fannie Mae, Zillow, Berkeley, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory have all concluded added value to your home insuring you get your money back out when it comes time to list your home.

Yes there are many different incentives available including the Federal Tax Credit, Local, State incentives, Utility rebates and Trojan rebates in some cases.