Trojan Solar

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Trojan Solar is a Texas-based company that ensures customers enjoy a reduced or completely eliminated electric bill through solar array installations. We also offer battery backup and generator solutions for when the lights go out.

Grid Solar Systems

Residential Grid-Tied

This is a system connected to an electrical power grid. The system relies on this grid to produce usable solar energy while funneling the excess energy to other electronics, such as net metering, clean energy credits, or lesser usage.

Residential Off-Grid

It is a solar system designed for the power needs of mid- to large-size homes. Unlike grid-tied solar systems, off-grid systems are not connected to the utility grid. As a result, this system must make all of the electricity needed to power your home. The off-grid solar system functions using the stored energy in a battery bank.

Commercial Solar

This is an industrial-scale solar system that helps lower energy costs for businesses. After switching from electricity to solar power, entrepreneurs can use the money that they will be saving for other business expenses.

Community Solar

With this option, customers can buy part of a sun-powered homestead or different kinds of environmentally friendly power-related projects. On the off chance that you have an electric charge, you can uphold renewables without introducing anything on your property and set aside money.

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